Executive Physicals are a Good Business Strategy: By Dr. Art Rubin, General Internal Medicine Group

October 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

A busy business executives requires a personalized health physical that is high-quality, comprehensive, and accommodating to his or her schedule. Routine health exams are an important part of health maintenance, and executive physical exams cater to the needs of modern businesspeople, allowing patients to spend more time with doctors and receive thorough, specialized attention.. Executive physicals are a good business strategy as well, benefiting both the individual and the company. A 2002 University of Michigan Management Research Center study found that executives who had regular physical exams filed 20 percent fewer health claims and missed 45 percent fewer workdays than executives who skipped physicals. Business executives are a crucial aspect of a company’s success, and executive physicals are a worthwhile investment to ensure the best performance of high-level employees.

An executive physical consists of a detailed medical history and comprehensive diagnostic tests. A battery of tests may screen for diabetes, thyroid disease, liver and kidney disease, cardiac and stroke risk factors, and so on. Once these tests establish a baseline of information about the patient, subsequent visits are less comprehensive. Executives may choose to augment their physicals with specialized services, such as nutritional and fitness assessments. For more information about the services provided at the General Internal Medicine Group, visit www.gimg.com/services.shtml.

About the author: Dr. Art Rubin and his business partner, Dr. Mary Jane Major, started the General Internal Medicine Group (GIMG) in 1983. Over the years, the founders have expanded GIMG to include over 20 physicians, including specialists in cardiology, endocrinology, and rheumatology. GIMG provides continuity in care for its patients at offices in Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia.


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